The latest version of Lifecraft for iOS is 2.5.1 and for macOS is 2.5.1. Visit Version History for a complete listing of changes. And as always, go Pro and live boldly.

Fancy typography image

Text Styles

Fancy typography made easy.
Posted February 12, 2020

Format your journal entries with different heading styles like Heading 1, Heading 2, Body, etc. Later, you can change the font definition of any of these styles to update all of your journal entries instantly. That's not all. Rather than using the text controls to create a numbered/bulleted list, you can now simply type a number or bullet to automatically start a list. See Format Text to learn how this feature works.

Standard share symbol.

Capture Life

Add to your journal entries instantly.
Posted July 27, 2019

The latest version of Lifecraft makes it easy to capture content (text, photos, and URLs) in other apps and save this content to your journal entries. Simply select the content, tap Share, and then tap the Lifecraft icon. It’s that easy and you don’t have to leave the other application you’re using.

Plus, on iOS, you can now make Siri Shortcuts for creating journal entries, opening your journal, and saving emotions. Use these shortcuts along with shortcuts from other apps to create powerful automated tasks.

Compass logo.

Compass Library

Motivational messages at your fingertips.
Posted June 25, 2019

Lifecraft’s Daily Compass feature helps you start the day off right with valuable insights that inspire, motivate, and teach. These insights help you navigate the obstacles life throws at you. The all-new Compass Library puts all of your past Compass messages in one place so you can browse and search them. They’re also organized by topic to help you quickly seek targeted guidance. Simply click the Library button at the top of the Compass view to access. See Compass Library to learn how this feature works.

Dark mode logo.

Dark Theme

Change Lifecraft’s appearance.
Posted May 06, 2019

The new themes feature let you instantly change the appearance of Lifecraft. Choose from several themes including a dark theme for a dramatic look that helps you focus— and it’s is easy on your eyes.

Plus, you may now choose from over 130 icons to customize your various journals. The icons, naturally, adjust to the currently selected theme. See Themes to learn how the themes feature works.

Depiction of a list.

Lists Galore

Stay organized your way.
Posted February 27, 2019

The new lists feature in Lifecraft makes it easy to add bulleted lists, numbered lists, and checklists to your journal entries. Lists can be useful for tracking accomplishments, organizing your thoughts, and more. Plus, it probably goes without saying that they keep your entry tidy and beautiful. See Lists to learn how this feature works.